Contingency Cover

  • Cover for event cancellation such as Major Events, SportingEvents, Hole-in-One, Professional Sports, etc.

Material Damage

  • Cover for Physical Loss and Damage arising from Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Burglary, Theft and the like

MDBI Proposal Form

Business Interruption

  • Cover for the interruption of your business following a Material Damage claim from the impact of Fire, Earthquake, Flood, Burglary, Theft and the like

MDBI Proposal Form

Natural Disaster Only

  • Cover for difficult to place risks in regards to older buildings and/or Earthquake Prone buildings

MDBI Proposal Form

Management Liability

  • A comprehensive cover that provides liability solution which can be altered to suit your business and risk appetite
  • This liability cover includes:
    • Public Liability Insurance Cover
    • Statutory Liability Insurance Cover
    • Employers Liability Insurance Cover
    • Directors & Officers Liability Cover
    • Internet Liability Cover
    • Criminal Legal Defence Costs Cover
  • We could look at providing Employment Disputes and Fidelity Cover if required, at a case-by-case basis, at additional costs

Management Liability Proposal Form

Management Liability Renewal Declaration

Natural Disaster Excess Buy-back

  • We can provide an option to buy-back your Natural Disaster Excess down to 1% or 0.5% at competitive rates

High Hazards

  • We can provide insurance solutions for this occupation type

Open Market Placements

  • Cover for difficult to place risks

Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity and Directors & Officers Liability

  • This cover protects you and your company against allegations of professional negligence for advice, designs and/or offers your services provide in your field of work

Professional Indemnity Insurance Proposal

Directors and Officers Liability Proposal Form

Professional Indemnity Renewal Declaration


  • Derivative insurance for balance sheet protection for nominated risks with a guaranteed pay-out if a chosen insured event is triggered:
    • Earthquake
    • Storm
    • Flood
    • Wind
    • Heat
  • Ideal for wineries, horticultural risks, banks, financial institutions
    • No deductible
    • No physical damage required. Just a financial loss. (covers depopulation)

Managed Funds

  • Stop loss limit cover to ensure that aggregate limits are not adversely affected by single losses

Distressed Fleets

  • We structured innovative Risk Management Programmes for Fleet Operators and tailor insurance products to meet their needs

Risk Consultancy

  • We can assist clients in running an RFP, reviewing their covers, highlighting gaps in cover and alternative risk transfer